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Do you like the look of the silicone smartphone cases, but you were always hesitant when it came to buying one as you were not sure it is protective enough? With this case, your phone gains amazing design and protection in once.


Main features


  • durable silicone case
  • microfibre interior
  • thin and stylish design
  • a small BMW logo on the back
  • fits your device perfectly

BMW Hard Case Silicone Signature - Black

Why should you own this


The flexible silicone material with a very soft microfibre interior provides with the ease of use while protecting your device. A small, embossed BMW logo adds some style to the case, while raised edges help to protect your screen from scratches and cracks.


What is unique about it?


It is compatible with wireless chargers, so you may give your phone some juice this way as well. This special case gives the full flexibility of using controls and ports as they are not disturbed by any part of the case. Your device will look and feel great in hand - and will have a high level of protection.


TypeHard Case
ColourBlack Silicone
CompatibilityApple iPhone 11
You're reviewing: BMW Hard Case for iPhone 11 - Black Silicone

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