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How many times did you give up charging your phone because you only have a few minutes? How many times did you actually make it to charge your phone for 30 minutes only to see it went from 2% to 10%?


You know the answer. Meet a charger that will change that.


Main features

  • is an original Huawei accessory
  • has Quick Charge technology
  • is 3 times faster than other chargers
  • is a compact & light charger
  • has an output power of 5V/2A
  • comes with 1m long USB-C cable in the package
  • meets the CCC and CB qualification standards
  • passed over 60 quality tests
99% of 100

Charger Huawei AP32 + USB Type-C cable 9V 2A white fast 2451968 HW-059200EHQ

Why you should own this


As it is an official Huawei accessory, you’re guaranteed the best quality and a reliable solution. You can charge any Huawei USB Type-C device with this quick wall charger providing 18W of high power and Quick Charge technology. It’s the world's first charger to support both the HiSilicon quick charge protocol and Qualcomm QC 2.0.


What is unique about it?


You may believe it or not, but it really can charge your phone from 0% to 50% in about 30 minutes. Don’t worry if your Huawei model does not support Quick Charge, it still will be charged visibly quicker than before. Also included in the package is a 1m long USB Type-C cable that supports rapid charging. If you need it for other devices of other brands, it will work with 99% of them.


TypeFast Charger
You're reviewing: Official Huawei Charger and Cable Set AP32 USB-C, 9V, 2A, FastCharge, White

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