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Samsung Clear View Cover Case + S Pen 

Looking for a new case for your Samsung smartphone?

We are happy to announce that we have a perfect solution for you, and it is called the Samsung Clear View Cover + Samsung S Pen for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Black

Together with comfortable S Pen holder, which is ready whenever you need it, the case protects your phone from each side, thanks to antibacterial technology as well.

Antibacterial qualities do not mean complete protection from bacteria and they do not protect from viruses, including Covid-19. Antibacterial action may differ depending on conditions of use. Antibacterial cover was applied on the inner side side of the case only.

Main features:

    • Fits your device perfectly
    • High quality Case provides all round protection to the back and sides of the phone
    • Slim and stylish design
    • Improve grip
    • Case enables easy access to all ports and buttons
    • Supports wireless charging and compatible with most 3mk glasses
    • Made of shock-absorbent and high-quality material
    • Brand: Samsung
    • Colour: Black
    • Model: Samsung Clear View Cover + S Pen  for Galaxy S21 Ultra
    • Original Samsung official distribution pen.
    • With S Pen you can make short notes, translate the text, view links and much more.
    • More functions of S Pen are described below.
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What is unique about it?

Slim and stylish design. Made of shock-absorbent and high-quality material. Improve grip. Supports wireless charging and compatible with most 3mk glasses. Fits your device perfectly. High quality Case provides all round protection to the back and sides of the phone. Case enables easy access to all ports and buttons.

Why should you own this

If you want case simple and on the other hand full of technology, than this case is a choice for you.

Choose your Case and grab yourself a stylishly designed and highly durable case for the Phone. Check it out!


Samsung S Pen for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Black

What is unique about it?

Create a note: Make notes easily in a separate window. You can start this function by tapping the screen twice, pushing S Pen button  at the same time.

View all notes: view all your notes in Samsung Notes app.

Intelligent selection: Use your S Pen to select working  area and share or save data.

Screenshot: Take screenshots to make notes or draw on them or frame their area. You can also take shots of content displayed at given moment or of content hidden on bigger pages such as websites.

Live messages: Instead of texting, create and send unique messages – record your action while handwriting or draw messages and save them as animated files.

AR Doodle function: record funny videos with virtual handwriting or drawings, e.g. on faces

Translator: Move S Pen above a word to translate it

BixbyVision function: use BixbyVision to search for similar images, detecting and translating  text and much more

Enlarge: Move S Pen above chosen area to enlarge it

Preview: Minimize app to miniature and move S Pen above the miniature to open the app on full screen

Write in calendar: start Calendar app and write or draw on screen

PENUP function: publish your works, browse others’ works and learn useful tips about drawing

Colouring: use S Pen to add colour to images with PENUP

Add shortcuts: add shortcuts to frequently used apps to AirCommand panel

With S Pen you can make short notes , translate, preview links and much more. AirCommand function is a menu that provides S Pen functions and quick Access to frequently used apps.

To open AirCommand, move S Pen above screen and push S Pen button. You can also move S Pen over the screen and tap the AirCommand icon with S Pen.

If the AirCommand icon diesn’t appear after moving S Pen above the screen, start Settings app, tap Advanced options S Pen, next tap Show floating icon to activate it

Why should youown this?

Enjoy the feeling of writing a real pen thanks to 120 Hz frequency offered by Galaxy S21 Ultra. This  advanced function allows you to edit fimls and photos with precision and in high definition thanks to S Pen.

Lost your Galaxy S21 Ultra pen? All is not lost yet! Increase your phone’s possibilities by buying original S Pen and enjoy its functionality again!



  • Do not bend or put excessive pressure on S Pen while using it. It can cause S Pen damage or deformation of the tip.
  • Do not put excessive pressure on the screen. The tip may get deformed.
  • If there is a magnet near your device, some functions of S Pen – such as tapping on the screen – may be unavailable.


TypeHard Case
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Guarantee24 months manufacturer's warranty
You're reviewing: Official Samsung for Galaxy S21 Ultra - S Pen and Smart Clear View Cover Black

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