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Are you looking for a case that combines a unique design and flawless protection without being as heavy as a rock? Meet the Samsung Gradation Cover.

Main features:

  • Original Samsung product
  • Unparalleled gradient design with cut-outs to access all ports
  • Complex protection with an extra protective layer and a raised lip to secure the front screen
  • Durability
  • Perfect fit
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Samsung Gradation Cover - Black

Why should you own this

Four reasons: first of all, it is an original Samsung product, so you can be sure it is produced to the highest quality and will fit your phone perfectly. Secondly, it provides extra protection with another layer and without adding unnecessary weight, so you don’t need to be worried about scratches or bumps. Thirdly, it is unbelievably stylish with its shiny inner pattern. Finally it gives you easy access to all ports and buttons.

What is unique about it?

In a nutshell: an amazing inner prism pattern reflects light in different directions and changes while maintaining the shiny finish and colour gradient of your Samsung. This will make your phone look unique!

Do you expect even more protection from your case? Try 3mk ClearCase that underwent hardcore durability tests.


TypeHard Case
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy A70
You're reviewing: Official Samsung Galaxy A70 Gradation Cover - Black

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