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Smart UV Phone Sanitizer with Armoateraphy Function

Because we all need to keep our phones and other goods cleaner than before!

It's really important!

Main features

  • UV sterilizer. UV light 360 Kills Germs
  • 99.99% sterilization rate
  • One button operation.
  • USB Cable charging
  • Large sanitizing space
  • Aromatherapy
  • Wide range of uses
  • Multiplie functions: sterilize, disinfect, aromatherapy
  • Perfect for your Phone, Jewellery, Toothbrush, Watch, Mask  and other small objects.
  • Safe and ECO Friendly
  • Certificates - CE , ROH , FCC

In our offer there are care wipes and a cleaning gel, as well as protective helmets

100% of 100

This is the sanitizer that has been tested by the Unbox Therapy team

Smart UV Phone Sanitizer with Aromatherapy Function, Portable UV Light Sterilizer, Jewellery Toothbrush, Watch, Keys Cleaner, Personal Sanitizer Disinfector

Why should you own this

 During the day you touch your phone hundreds of times transmitting all bacteria onto your smartphone. While answering the phone you touch your face with your phone. Do you know that there are 5 times more bacteria on your phone than in the toilet? You've got a problem!

What needs to be done?

First of all, wash your hands regularly. Use your phone in public places as little as you can. Don't let your phone heat as it's a perfect environment for bacteria. Remember to disinfect your phone with UV light.

It's really important!


What is unique about it?

 UV Sanitizer safely kills 99.99% of bacteria. Inside you will find two UV lights and reflective paint allow the light surround your device.

When you click the button on PhoneSoap Carger, the UV lights start automatically and run for just under 8 minutes. A blue indicator on the front signifies when the lights are on and cleaning. When the sanitizing process is done, the UV lights and the blue LED shut off automatically.


Comfortable stand while long videocalls and watching films.


Aromatherapy by Fragrance Box.

Inside you will find fragrance box. When you click the button on Surface, the fragrance box becomes warm automatically and runs for just 8 minutes. A green indicator on the front signifies when it works. When the process is done, the fragrance box and green light just turns off automatically.



All Functions are synchronous.  All functions can run  at the same time. In a word, it is small, warm and clean „home” for your cell phone.


It’s not only about your mobile phone. You should sanitize other devices like jewellery, watches, toothbrush, make-up brush, money and other small objects.



Material     -  PC, ABS

Feature    -    Ultraviolet light helps eliminate bacteria

Disinfection power - 1.5 W

Aromatherapy power - 0.5 W

Max Power  - 5 W

Weight          -   300 g

Size               -   209x110x44 mm

UV wave lenght   - 253.7 nm

Sanitizing and aromatherapy time   -  5 and 8 minute auto-timer

Warranty      -       12 months

Colour    -   Blue

Certificate   -  CE ,  ROH , FCC


The packane contains: 1 UV Sanitizer, 1x wire, 1x instruction.



Great present for birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and other occasions, special gift fot someone who you love.


On our offer there are cleaning CareWipes, cleaning gel and a microfiber cloth as well as protective masks, face-protection helmet. While working or studying at home take care of your privacy and do not let yourself be peeped at – use 3mk Privacy Slider.


Caution: UV light may be harmful to human health, so please follow the manual while using Sanitizer, with the device closed.

Colours in the photos may differ from the original colours.

Aromatherapy oils are not included in the package.

Our device does not have pressed buttons. Start/Stop buttons are plain. The device gives loud notification.


Guarantee24 months
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