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Over 350 000 happy customers since 2006

We have been selling mobile accessories since 2006. To be honest we are amazed ourselves by the number of sales we have made – 350 000 happy customers, that’s something. It means nearly 2300 orders per month.

To visualise that number, we created some helpful graphics, here you go:

We sold so many mobile accessories that if you created a tower of them, it would be 41,5 mi high!

You could actually see curvature of the Earth!


We served so many customers, that if we wanted to shake their hands, it would take us 14 full days.

And that’s all without having any rest, food or sleep!

Basically, we have made over 350 000 phones happier! Imagine that!

And last but not least: We provide good service. Last month we had only 1% of complaints :)

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