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Guarantee Card
for 3mk protective products

  1. The guarantor is 3mk Protection Sp. z o.o., conducting business activity in Poland under the name: 3mk Protection Sp. z o.o., seated in: ul. Krotoszyńska 35, B-02 4A, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski, NIP 6222833086, REGON 387612157, listed in the commercial register of the local court POZNAŃ, email: [email protected], tel. +48 790 523 565 (

  2. The guarantee is valid on the territory of United Kingdom.

  3. The guarantee is valid together with a sales document.

  4. The guarantee period, calculated from the date of sales, is:

    1. 24 months for the polipropylen 3mk NaturalCase and Ferya SkinCase;

    2. 24 months for the shock absorbing Clear Case and Armor Case;

    3. 24 months for the following products: 3mk 3D, 3mk ARC, 3mk ARC 3D, 3mk ARC PRO, 3mk ARC PRO 3D, 3mk ARC Special Edition, 3mk ARC Special Edition 3D, 3mk FlexibleGlass 3D, 3mk HardGlass, 3mk HardGlass 2, 3mk HardGlass Privacy, 3mk ARC Smartwatch, 3mk FlexibleGlass, 3mk HD+, 3mk Matte, 3mk ROCK, 3mk Shield, 3mk Shine, 3mk Solid, 3mk Solid Smartwatch Edition, PrivacySlider, Protectit. 3mk HardGlass Max, HardGlass Max Privacy, HardGlass Soft-Edge, 3mk COVER, 3mk COVER edge, 3mk HardGlass Full Glue, FlexibleGlass Lite, FlexibleGlass Max, ferya Armor Case, HardGlass Max lite, FlexibleGlass Edge, 3mk Matt Case, 3mk UV Glass.

    4. 24 months for the 3mk Privacy Slider, 3mk CareSet, 3mk CareWipe;

    5. 12 months for the 3mk AntiBacterial Helmet.
  5. Liability under guarantee covers only defects caused by elements inherent in the products sold, excluding easily removable foil remains and minor decolorizations on the edges of the products, which occur occasionally in the production process, but do not reduce the functionality of the products.

  6. The guarantee applies to different types of 3mk protective products designed to minimize the risk of scratches and other damages to the screens and casings of electronic devices. However the guarantor does not guarantee, that damages to devices mounted with 3mk products will not occur.

  7. The guarantor ensures:

    1. high functionality and quality of products;

    2. shape compatibility of the product with the dedicated device;

    3. safety of the product according the RoHS standard;

    4. that the properly used product shall not deform (products that are not being used, in order to maintain form, should be stored in original packaging, clear from sources of dampnes and heat as well as direct sunlight);

    5. for 3mk protective foils and glass - maintaining the adhesive properties by the products for the period of the guarantee (assuming the typical and proper use of products);

    6. for polipropylen 3mk NaturalCase – colour invariability for the period of the guarantee;

    7. for shock absorbing Clear Case and Armor Case – mechanical resistance of the keys.

  8. The guarantee does not cover:

    1. mechanical damages to the products (e.g. scratches, cracks, fractures), including damages caused by phone cases;

    2. damages caused by improper (contrary to instructions) installation of the products;

    3. damages caused by exposure of the products to temperatures below +5 or exceeding +50 degrees Celsius;

    4. damages cause by water or humidity;

    5. damages caused by exposure of the products to heat or chemical substances and fumes;

    6. effects of typical wear and tear resulting from normal exploitation of the product, not caused by elements inherent in the products sold;

    7. results of self-modification to the products (e.g. trimming or cutting holes);

    8. in case of protective foils and glass – results of attempts to detach the product from the device;

    9. in case of shock absorbing Clear Case - colour changes of the case (yellow) occurring with time and as a result of wear and tear of the product.

  9. If defects of the product are disclosed during the period stated in this guarantee, the guarantor is obliged to remove a physical defect in the product or to supply a defect-free product. In case the product has already been repaired or replaced, the person entitled can also demand refund. However the person entitled loses his rights under this guarantee, if the defect is not notified to the guarantor within 14 days from the date it has been noticed.

  10. Anyone who exercises his rights under this guarantee should deliver the product to the guarantor’s seat stipulated in point 1 or to the official 3mk shop, where the product was purchased.

  11. The guarantor is obliged to perform the obligations under this guarantee within 14 days, calculated from the date of delivery.

  12. In any matters not governed herein, the provisions of the Polish law, in particular Polish Civil Code, shall apply.

  13. The guarantee does not preclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the provisions on a warranty for defects of the product sold.

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